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Quickly and easily measure perforations  with minimal handling of your valued collection!


Perfex is a stamp perforation utility that measures the number of perforations in a 2 cm length. Measurement can be achieved in much less time, and with minimal handling, as compared to manual measurement with a ruler, or perforation gauge. Measurements can be made either automatically or manually. Also great for measuring dimensions, such as cancels!

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Perfex screenshot showing automatic perforation measurement



Calibrated, you can quickly measure stamp perforations.


Prefer hands on? Manually adjust gauge value to eyeball it yourself. Excellent for measuring perforations that are in bad condition.


Accurately measure stamp design features. Great for measuring cancels too!




Perfex is a perforation gauge app that accurately measures stamp perforations without the need to use a manual gauge. Measurements can be achieved in less than 5 seconds and precludes the need to physically handle the stamp.


In order to accurately measure stamp perforations, Perfex needs to know how many pixels represents 20mm distance. Once calibrated, the same capture setup can be used for any number of measurements. The setup used depends on the phone, but in all cases, the plane of the phone has be parallel to the surface plane of the subject, otherwise, distortion may cause inferior results. Distance from the subject should be such that the viewer image is clear. This is usually around 4-6 inches.

Perfex screenshot showing setup for perforation measurement

The background must be black ( the more black the better ). For the 20mm reference, cut a strip of white paper exactly 20mm long. At 0.1 mm deviation can cause an error of 1/4 gauge. Capture an image of the strip and line it up with the measuring tool.

Perfex screenshot showing calibration process


Click the “Calibrate” button and measuring tool should snap to the reference edges. Perfex is now calibrated and you can begin perforation measurements. If the snap to reference fails, it is probably because there is not enough contrast between reference strip and background. Try a darker background, or better lighting.

Perfex screenshot showing calibration process

Note: you can enable “Keep calibration between sessions” in the Perfex settings so the reference pixel value is saved until another calibration is done. In any case, any change in distance from the phone camera to the subject will necessitate a new calibration.

Note: you can set the calibration mode to manual in the settings. This will take the current number of pixels between the measurement tool limits as being equivalent to 20mm. With this mode, you can use a ruler and liner up the tool for 20mm. If you have a stamp of know gauge, you can test the resulting calibration for accuracy before taking any new measurements.


There are two measurement modes: auto and manual.

Auto mode detects and counts the number of perforations between the measurement tool limits and calculates perf gauge value. Move the captured image so the blue line of the measurement tool lines up with the perforations. Line up the tool limits so the line up with a perforation centre. When markers line up with all the perforations between the limits, you will have a valid value. Use the “Zoom” and “Skew” controls to adjust image as needed. Use the rotate to select the stamp edge for measurement.

Perfex screenshot showing automatic measurement.

Manual allows you to set the perforation gauge value using the “- +” control or select a specific value by clicking the perforation value. Move the image so you can visually match the subject perforations to the tool markers. Note that Perfex starts up in Auto mode unless “Startup in manual mode” is enabled in settings.manual perforation measurement


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Please indicate the nature of the issue with Perfex, and we will respond promptly. Provide your phone model, OS version, Perfex version and the nature of the issue(s) in the form below, or e-mail us at

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